Biography of Victor Vasiukevich

The style of Victor Vasiukevich can hardly be described as abstract art. It would be more precise to call it ‘energy’, ‘cosmic’ or ‘esoteric’ painting. The artist doesn’t accept any perfection of forms. His canvases are an infinite stretch of imagination. Victor Vasiukevich refers to his own artistic manner as ‘materialized music’. In his recent abstract works Victor tries to reflect the harmony of outer world he managed to perceive, in contrast to near-realistic practices which acknowledge earthly struggle of opposites. Нis style is close to the ideas of Zen philosophy and New Age movement and refers to works by well-known Indian master Sri Chinmoy. At the same time he upholds the tradition of abstract painting started by Vasily Kandinsky. Also the artist has a lot in common with Jackson Pollock and other representatives of abstract expressionism.


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